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Tutti Bambini Nova Birth to 12 Years Complete Highchair Package - White/Oak

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The Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary Birth to 12 Years Highchair Package does what the name suggests – it evolves as your child does and will see them from birth all the way up to around 12 years old. Read on below to find out the 11 different modes the package can be used in.

  • Dual purpose, ideal for play or sleep
  • Easily keep clean with a machine-washable seat
  • Can be folded away flat for easy storage
  • 5-point harness to keep them secure
  • Travel bag included for ease

The Nova Rocker is a great place for you baby to rock to sleep or even just somewhere to sit while you go about your day to day chores, or while you have that well-deserved cup of tea! The padded newborn liner is made with high-tech Nanotex fabrics which are water repellent, stain-resistant and machine washable! Your little one can be safely seated with the 5-point harness too. The Nova is designed to evenly distribute weight and gently sway, keeping your baby soothed.

The Rocker also easily connects to the frame of the highchair allowing you to lift it to highchair height, which is great to bring your little one up to table height so your little one can join in with family meals, or use can use it with the highchair at chair height, which is perfect for next to the sofa and you can even attach the rockers to the highchair frame to allow it to rock too!

Once they reach 6 months old they can use the Nova is as a ‘standard’ highchair; this allows you to bring the highchair up to the dining table so your little one can share their first bites with you as they wean. You can adjust the height and there is also an adjustable footplate. If they are not at the table you can also use the detachable tray, which has a ‘double tray’ so once they have eaten you can remove the top part and still have a clean tray underneath. There is also a padded seat liner for comfort which is made with high-tech Nanotex fabrics which are water repellent, stain-resistant and machine washable! Your little one can be safely seated with the 5-point harness. You can even recline the seat into 1 or 3 positions for comfort.

Next, we move onto the Low Chair; unclip the leg extensions and you have a mid-way height chair. This is great for eating on the move, family picnics or even rainy-day fun! If you are dining out, you can then use the Booster Seat option. You can use both the seat and tray from the highchair and use it on an adult dining chair, perfect for a meal out or visiting family.

From the age of about 12 months old, one your little one starts to exert their independence, you can use the Nova as a Toddler Chair. Using the top section of the chair to give them their very own toddler seat for TV time, family games or arts and crafts.

Should you want to give your little one a lovely place to relax at the end of a day you can add the rocker bars to the bottom of the toddler seat and they can rock all their worries, from a busy day of play, away.

The next stage is the Play Table and Chair. For this, you use the toddler chair and clip the included tabletop to the highchair legs. This is a great addition to a playroom or your living room and gives them a place to get creative with arts and crafts or do a jigsaw.

The final mode is the Kids Chair. This is for ages 3 and up and gives them their own chair at the dining table, while still offering some safety. They will love being able to get up and down from the chair themselves.

Both the rocker and the highchair have a quick folding system for easy storage or transport – the rocker can be folded in 30 seconds and the highchair in 60 second – wow! Talking of transport both parts come with a specially designed bag, perfect for taking it with you when visiting family and friends.