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Babymoov New Easy Care (2x USB Cables Supplied, Plugs Sold Separately)

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Babymoov draws on its 20 years of expertise and experience from its community of parents. All our audio baby monitors feature Digital Green Technology. This innovation reduces the levels of wave emissions, whilst guaranteeing the longest range on the market. You can enjoy some personal time while keeping an attentive ear on your child. The Easy Care baby monitor is easy to install in your little one's bedroom. Place the transmitter near the cot and keep the receiver with you. This audio baby monitor combines sound that is clear and free of interference with several functions. With VOX mode, the parent unit activates once your baby wakes up or cries. You can choose whether or not to activate it from the Baby unit. If you activate it, you can choose a sound or light alert. The volume is adjustable.


This baby monitor also has a night light. It emits a soft and reassuring light in your child's bedroom. You can take your Easy Care baby monitor with you without difficulty for an evening with friends or a weekend staying with grandparents. Its small size means it takes up little space in your changing bag. For maximum freedom, both units operate via batteries or using the micro-USB cable provided (wall charger not supplied).


The Easy Care audio baby monitor makes it simple to listen out for your baby as they sleep.


Babymoov takes care of you!


The baby monitors (baby and parent units) communicate using a system of electromagnetic waves. Because you can't put a price on health, Babymoov created 'Digital Green Technology' in 2012 to reduce wave emissions in your baby's nursery. It protects little ones from radio frequencies that may have 'possible effects on children's cognitive function and well-being*'.


This innovative and caring technology is used in all Babymoov audio baby monitors.


* Exposure to radio frequencies and children's health - A review by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (Anses) - Collective expertise report - June 2016


Babymoov is committed to reducing the use of plastics. This is why the new Babymoov audio baby monitors are supplied with two micro-USB cables WITHOUT a wall charger. You will already have several micro-USB chargers for your electronic devices.


"Both units can be used with a micro-USB port, really practical if you already have a micro-USB charger with your mobile phone as there's no need to carry around several different chargers." If you like travelling light whilst protecting our planet, just like happy new dad Fred, Babymoov audio baby monitors are made for you!


Psssssssst: if you don't have a charger at home, don't worry: we can offer a compatible plug.


As an added bonus, the packaging for the new audio baby monitors is made from 100% recyclable cardboard.


The Babymoov Baby Monitors Plugs is the perfect accessory to complement the Babymoov Easy Care Baby Monitor.   We would also recommend the Babymoov Premium Care Baby Monitor.


Digital Green Technology

VOX function (voice activated)

Guaranteeing the longest range on the market

Adjustable volume

Low battery indicator

Easily transportable

Automatic channel search

Audible and visual alarm

Belt clip on receiver

Sold with 2x USB cables (compatible with standard USB plugs or plugs sold separately)