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Deco Pop Safety Gate (Grey)

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What an amazing experience it is to see your little cherub crawl then take their first steps!


But this is also when we start saying "Oooooooh don't go near the stairs", "Don't get too close to the fireplace, kitchen, dog, etc". The time has come to secure your staircase and other high risk areas using a child safety gate!


The first thing to do when choosing your gate is to measure the space you need to secure. The Deco Pop is suitable for gaps from 63 to 106 cm. It extends so there's no need for an additional extension.


Next, it all depends on the area you are making secure. Is it a staircase? Access to a room?


Here at Badabulle, we recommend using the Deco Pop with screw fittings if it's for a staircase. Why? As they grow, your little cherub will push or lean on the gate. It will really be put to the test! Screw-mounting the gate means it is fully fixed to the wall. This is the safest, most secure solution for your child in the long term.

Screw-mounting the Deco Pop gate makes it very practical for everyday use. It can be opened with one hand, both ways, using the safety handle.


For occasional use at the grandparents' or to prevent access to the kitchen, for example. The pressure fit option is best for the Deco Pop. A door frame or solid rail is required to hold it in place. The advantage is that you don't need to drill the wall! The Deco Pop gate is completely removable when attached to the wall using pressure. Simply lift the gate using the safety handle to go through.


Whichever mounting method you use, the Deco Pop safety gate is really easy to fit. It's ready in 10 minutes flat!

There is no floor rail to prevent tripping.


Available in 4 trendy, decorative colours, the Deco Pop wooden gate blends in with any home interior.


The Badabulle Compact Up Height Bouncer (Candy) is the perfect accessory to complement the Badabulle Deco Pop Safety Gate.  We would also recommend the Badabulle Deco Pop Safety Gate (White).


Easy to set up and install (less than 10 minutes)

Pressure fit or screw mounted

Suitable for gaps between 63 and 106 cm

2 types of opening: swing gate (when wall-mounted) or removable barrier (pressure fit)

Ergonomic handle

No need for an additional extension

No rail at floor level, avoids falls

Compliant with standard EN 1930:2012

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