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Nuna Baby Bouncers & Rockers

The Nuna Leaf rocker will leave your child carefree and suitably soothed thanks to its well-thought-out, calming design. With a motorless function, three-point harness, removable base and 100% cotton material, your baby will be kept safe, secure and comfortable for however long they snooze.
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Rock your baby’s woes away with the soothing sway of the Nuna Leaf rocker, available online at Little Arrivals. With a Nuna rocker, you’re investing in an eye-catching, distinctive design that isn’t just about the style – there’s plenty of substance too.

The Leaf rocker is created with the most important thing at the forefront of its design; your baby. With a motorless operation and gentle side-to-side action, there’s no noise or awkward movements that might disturb your little one’s perfect slumber. The three-point harness is fully padded and adjustable for durability and long-lasting performance, while the super-soft 100% cotton composition is kind on the skin and easily removable for washing.

What’s more, with no batteries, wires or cords, there’s no need for parents to worry about replacing power supply for operation or any troublesome parts getting in the way or making noise. With one gentle push, the Nuna Leaf will rock away unassisted before being popped away for easy storage.