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Joie Baby Bouncers

Browse our high-quality selection of Joie baby bouncers here at Little Arrivals. Thoroughly safety tested, cosy and comfortable, these rockers and bouncers feature a variety of seating positions, vibrations, sounds and an overhead bar that will keep your child soothed and entertained for hours at a time.
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From soothing and helping your child to sleep to aid in development, baby bouncers a versatile and vital tool to have in that ever-growing list of baby products.

At Little Arrivals, you’ll find a market-leading selection of Joie baby bouncers that are adept at engaging and calming your little ones. With a gentle, soothing motion as well as attention-grabbing sounds and melodies, a Joie baby bouncer has been painstakingly tested to produce unrivalled results in sleep and sensory stimulation.

Among our extensive collection, you’ll discover a range of rockers and bouncers to suit all budgets, all of which feature thorough safety testing and allow your child to rest and play in the utmost comfort. With a selection of seating positions and features to explore, Joie has produced a range of baby bouncers that will keep your child entertained or sleeping peacefully for hours on end.