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Phil and Teds

Here at Little Arrivals, you’ll find a truly excellent range of Phil and Teds products. From pushchairs and change bags to carrycots and high chairs, we’re home to a diverse range of durable, safe and comfortable products that cater for every adventure you’ll take with your child.
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For 25 years now, Phil and Teds have innovated and adapted in an ever-competitive industry, always coming out on top with their amazing range of baby products.

Here at Little Arrivals, you’ll find a superb collection of Phil and Teds pushchairs, carriers, carrycots, changing bags and much, much more. Every single product from the award-winning, New Zealand-based nursery brand is intricately designed and thoroughly tested with both children and parents in mind.

For the parent, these versatile products tick all of the usual boxes; easy to use and simple pack away and store in an instant. For your child, a product from Phil and Teds is guaranteed to be comfortable, snug and safe wherever your journey and however long it takes to get there.