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Fun, family-orientated, stylish and safe. Our collection of Joie products here at Little Arrivals are designed with the well-being of your family in mind and the safety and comfort of your baby or child the number one priority. 
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Joie has carved out a reputation in the baby and children’s products market as a company that cares. Not only do they care for you and your family with their thoughtfully designed, superb range of products, but they also care for the environment too, massively reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes as well as giving back through charitable donations.
Joie products themselves are among the best quality that you’ll find available. Comprised of high-quality plastics and durable-yet-comfortable fabrics, with a product from Joie, you’re investing in something incredibly stylish and adaptable without the huge price tag attached.

They don’t just produce great-looking products that you want to be seen with either, far from just a pretty face, Joie thoroughly test each one of their market-leading products with stringent custom protocols to ensure that everything is completely safe and entirely trustworthy. Browse here at Little Arrivals where you’ll discover a top-of-the-range collection of Joie products for your family.