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Joie Car Seats

Browse here at Little Arrivals for an extensive range of high-quality Joie car seats for your little ones. Expertly designed for durability and longevity, a Joie car seat is both comfortable and secure, meaning that your child will be kept safe and sound however long the journey.
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When looking for a car seat for your little ones, it’s vital that you settle on a seat design which ticks all of the right boxes; comfortable, safe and versatile.

With a Joie car seat, you’ll cover all of these bases and more, with a comprehensive selection of products available to suit whatever you and your family’s needs. Here at Little Arrivals, we stock a huge range of Joie car seats in a variety of styles and configurations, meaning that whatever journey you’re undertaking, you can be safe that your kids are well catered for. 

Joie car seats are designed to grow along with your child, with a completely adaptable infrastructure, comfy material and secure harnessing, your young ones will be comfortable and safe however long the journey.