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Group 1 2 3 Car Seats

With a Group 123 car seat, you’re investing in a seat that is designed to grow alongside your child. Durable, secure and comfortable, our collection of Group 123 car seats here at Little Arrivals will suit a range of needs and budgets.
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When travelling with your child, you must choose a car seat that’s going to grow alongside your child, after all, a car seat should last for around three to four years in total.

During this time, you’ll want this car seat to remain safe, secure and comfortable for your little one, something that’s guaranteed with our superb range of Group 123 car seats here at Little Arrivals.

We stock an amazing range of colourful and themed Group 123 seats to engage your child and suit whatever their interests, and as well as looking good, our collection spans a range of budgets too. Whatever you do choose, with a car seat from Group 123, you’re investing in a comfy and secure car seat that will last for years to come.