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Durability, safety and function are big priorities for Bumbleride, as they aim to create products that nurture the needs of your child and the environment. Little Arrivals are proud to promote this forward-thinking brand, recognising the importance of protecting the planet for our future generations. We stock a number of Bumbleride items, from pushchairs to carrycots, allowing you to carry out the active lifestyle of parenthood with the assurance that you’re also doing your part.
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Inspired by the arrival of their first child, Bumbleride was founded in 2004 by Matt and Emily Reichardt straight out of their home in San Diego. The primary focus of the brand was to give parents and their children the ability to enjoy and explore the environment, without exploiting it in return.

Free from harmful chemicals and comprised of inventive, sustainable materials, Bumbleride products are designed for adventure. They promote the ethos of ‘active lives, foster active imagination’, though they also encourage people to consider their impact on the planet. Many of their pushchairs are cleverly kitted out with non-PVC rain covers to combat the elements whilst safeguarding your child from dangerous toxins.

For sustainable, innovative designs that span across prams, carrycots and subsequent accessories, invest in a product from Bumbleride via Little Arrivals.